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About us

HUMANITAS REVIEW is a journal published by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which serves as an instrument to spread teachings of the Pontifical Magisterium and the Catholic thought in the issues concerning the humanities. Despite its academic nature, HUMANITAS seeks to reach a wider readership as a way to play a role in the public opinion.

The journal saw the light in 1996 and ever since, in its 23 years of life, it has published 88 issues and 35 occasional notebooks on specific contingent topics at that time. In all, the journal has published over 500 original articles and numerous ones translated into Spanish, dealing with themes as varied as anthropology, ecclesiology, philosophy, culture, science, current affairs, etc.

Along the years, the influence of HUMANITAS has reached well beyond the Spanish Speaking world, becoming a well-respected referent in the intellectual Catholic sphere. It has offered the readership deep reflexions on anthropology imbued with a Christian humanism with a sense of transcendence in times of materialistic pragmatism.

In 2011, HUMANITAS REVIEW, the English version of the journal, was officially presented in November 29, at the headquarters of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, via della Conciliazione no. 1, Vatican City. The journal sought to serve the Anglo speaking world as well as a manner to “contribute in the mission of the inculturation of the faith and the evangelization of the culture” as noted by Cardinal Paul Poupard, then President of the Pontifical Council of Faith at the launching ceremony.

The first three issues were paper journals, but in 2012 HUMANITAS REVIEW moved to a digital format, largely mirroring the Spanish version.